How We Work

Scope, recommend, evaluate, selection. We believe that working with your IT provider should be just as easy as that.

Solution Scoping

Understanding Business Needs and Operational Goals.

Record current misses, wants, and wishes
Notate all problems and concerns with current solution
Fill out custom assessment per project for our engineering team

Vendor Recommendation

Making sure you have a partner who fits the need.

Making two to three recommendations and explaining why they meet your needs
Explanation of all available options – We are vendor agnostic and focus 100% on delivering the best solution(s) to meet your organizational goals

Vendor Evaluation

Demos & proof of concepts.

Side by side vendor comparison of solutions
Getting hands on with each solution to confirm it fits the compliance and organizational needs

Vendor Selection

Transparency of the Fees, including Risks and Outcomes.

Detailed breakout of all fees associated with each offering
Explanation of risk associated with each offering
Discussions based in plain language, as opposed to industry jargon

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

There's a reason IT professionals from coast-to-coast rely on Premier Technology Advisors.

Managed Services

Offload your IT operations with industry leading managed services spanning a wide range of deliverables.

Consulting Services

Leverage our experience to provide your organization with a solid foundation built for growth and agility.

Converged Solutions

Get compute, storage, networking & software – all in a fully integrated, workload optimized system.