Premier is always looking for the best talent in the technology industry. We're especially looking for people who have worked in the telecom and cloud space.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Work in the fastest growing industry in the country.

Real Income

Real Freedom

Real Solutions

Why Premier Tech for your career?

Commissions Are An Annuity

Make a sale? Get paid on that for the life of the deal monthly. Build your own book of business and continue to grow your income yearly.


The technology is the fastest growing job sector in the country. Companies and people are adapting fast and will always need consultants and advisors to point them in the right direction.

Ultimate Goal of $600k+/year in Your Total Comp

Compound your earnings every year by hitting your goals. There is no cap or limit to how much you can make at Premier.

Flexibility of All Kinds

We are a total work from home organization. Work where you want, and when you want as long as you are hitting your goals.

250+ Technology Company Portfolio

Work with the top suppliers in telecom, cloud, backup and disaster recovery. There is no better way to advance your career then exposure and working with the best of the best.

Management That REALLY Cares About Your Success

Lacking in training is NOT something that happens here. We will fill in any gaps you may have including sales training. As long as you are open and willing, we will get you to the next level.

Freedom to Sell Anywhere

Premier has customers in 38 states! Want to sell down the street, go fot it. Want to specialize in a particular vertical or soltuion, go crazy! 

Be Entrepreneurial

Run your own business! You will have your own relationship with suppliers and customers.

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