Welcome to Rubrik:

Rubrik delivers automated backup, instant recovery, offsite replication and data archival in a simple, scale out solution built for hybrid cloud. Rubrik is easy to setup, simple to scale and lowers total cost of ownership. Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery for virtualized and physical environments. Eliminate backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalog management, and deduplicated storage into a single, scale-out fabric.

Simplify data management

Rubrik’s platform unifies backup, recovery, analytics, compliance and data management in one secure fabric across data centre and public cloud. Premier Technology Advisors’s portal provides central proactive management and global monitoring.

Instant data access with predictive text

Discover your data instantly, everywhere. Rubrik globally indexes to deliver predictive ‘google like’ search for a single file or folder. Suggested search allows you to search for a single file. Instantly recover VMs and applications to any point in time at flash speed with no rehydration required.

Flash speed backups

Eliminate the impact to production applications and VM stun. Data enters Rubrik through the flash tier and lands of spinning disks. Take application consistent snapshots for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Oracle and Active Directory. Minimize impact to production applications and databases by eliminating the effects of app stun. Flash-optimized, parallel ingest accelerates snapshots and scales as more nodes are added to the cluster.

Replication that delivers savings and flexibility

Rubrik delivers WAN optimised replication that doesn’t impact production workloads. Avoid unnecessary network and storage costs with global deduplication that scales out to the full fabric. Replication can be deployed in a multi-way or bi-directional topology. Discover your data instantly, everywhere. Suggested search allows you to search for a single file. Instantly recover VMs and applications to any point-in-time with no rehydration required.

Flexible RPOs and Near-Zero RTOs

Customise RPOs and retention values to meet near-continuous data protection or long-term off-site archival needs. Automate disaster recovery workflows that integrates third party services by using a RESTful API framework. Mount replicas directly on Rubrik for testing or recovery without impacting ongoing replication or production workloads. Recover in the amount of time it takes your OS to boot.

A fresh approach to data archival

Automatically managed long-term retention in low-cost storage. Quickly access your data with a globally indexed search that catalogues all data regardless of where it resides. Save time and money by automatically managing policies and eliminating tape.

Easy to setup

Rack, power and go. Automated infrastructure discovery. Policy-driven setup. Wizard driven implementation allow you to be up and running inside 15 minutes.

Simple to scale

Start small, scale as you grown with linear scalability and zero downtime for upgrades

Lower TCO

Take away the complex pricing models, reduce the data centre footprint, and free up your time!

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